Eye Care Services

When You Need an Optometrist in Massapequa Park, New York, Let Park Eye Center Assist You!

You only have one set of eyes, so it is important to trust them with the right doctors. Park Eye Center has top-notch optometrists using innovative diagnostic equipment to protect the health of your eyes and your vision. Located in Massapequa Park, NY, we are proud to offer the following services.

Comprehensive Eye Examination

The comprehensive eye exam includes a number of tests to assess your overall eye health. At Park Eye Center in Massapequa Park, New York, we have the top-of-the-line medical equipment and cutting-edge technologies that enable us to provide you with the best quality of care that you and your family deserve.

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Accredited Dry Eye Center

At Park Eye Center, we specialize in diagnosing and treating dry eye. When left untreated, dry eye can progress into more problematic conditions. Do not ignore the symptoms. We have helped countless patients manage their dry eye, and we promise to help you too.

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We have extensive experience in the pre-operative evaluation and post-operative care of LASIK and other vision correction procedures. We will evaluate your eyes and discuss your visual goals to help determine if you are an appropriate candidate for LASIK, PRK, or Cataract Refractive Technology.

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Contact Lenses

From less complicated to specialty fitting (multifocal, astigmatic, dry eyes, rigid contact lenses).

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To ensure that your children have the visual resources they need to grow and develop normally, their eyes and vision should be checked by your Massapequa Park, NY eye doctor at certain stages of their development.

Eye Emergencies

Our office provides emergency services for eye infections, eye injuries, and other urgent eye conditions. State of the art equipment allows us to examine the front surface of the eye and digitally scan inside the eye for infection or damage.

Ocular Diseases Management

Utilizing cutting edge technology, we are diagnosing and managing, with greater precision, diseases like Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and Cataracts. Earlier and more precise diagnosis means earlier treatment and better outcomes.

Prism Correction

Binocular Disorder diagnosis and treatment. The eyes do not always coordinate accurately together which can result in double vision, eye strain, and, in children, learning challenges. In some cases, prism correction can help to eliminate such imbalances.

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Routine eye appointments are the easiest and best way to keep your eyes healthy and to maintain clear vision. It is recommended that you have an eye examination every 12 to 24 months, based on your age and health. If it has been longer than two years since your last eye exam, or you are experiencing changes in your vision, please schedule an appointment now. You only have one set of eyes and we want to take care of them.

You can contact our optometry office in Massapequa Park, NY at (516) 798-9226 to schedule an appointment today.