Free LASIK Consultations/Pre and Post-Operative Care and Management

Park Eye Center is happy to answer any questions about Lasik vision correction. Being a good candidate and using a top surgeon with years of experience having the most up to date state of the art equipment is the key to successful results.

Once a good candidate is determined, we’ll do the pre-op and post-op care. We’ll help you go from contacts and glasses to better than 20/20 vision. Contact us today.

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Routine eye appointments are the easiest and best way to keep your eyes healthy and to maintain clear vision. It is recommended that you have an eye examination every 12 to 24 months, based on your age and health. If it has been longer than two years since your last eye exam, or you are experiencing changes in your vision, please schedule an appointment now. You only have one set of eyes and we want to take care of them.

You can contact our optometry office in Massapequa Park, NY at (516) 798-9226 to schedule an appointment today.